From 11 to 13 September 1938, the first Yugoslav national championship took place in Bled under the supervision of Rudolf von Gelmini.

The first nine holes of the renovated course were finished in 1972, when test play was able to start and first tournaments were organized. The traditional Golf Week tournaments werw organized in 1973 for the first time.

In 1974, all 18 holes has been finished. The first Bled Cup Amateurs' Competition was organized a year later.

Traditional Golden Lion – Grand Hotel Toplice Cup took place for the first time on 10 July 1976.

The First international golf tournament took place from 25 to 26 September 1976 under the name Golf Rally.

The gala opening of the course took place on 20 May 1977. On this occasion, an international Press Golf Tournament for Golden Putter was organized.

The first Yugoslav National Amateur Open Championship was held from 24 to 25 September 1977 and later became traditional. 

From 12 October 1989, the First International Pro-Am Tournament took place in Bled. The teams were composed of one professional and three amateur players, respectively.

In 1990, a construction of a new golf course started. The gala opening of the new course took place on 25 September 1993. Following this, the 18th International Amateur Championship was held.

From 7 to 11 October 1992 Bled hosted the final competition of the best professional women golf players of the world Slovenian Open ladies Golf. This was first such competition in Slovenia. 





European Boys' Team Championship 1997 

PGA European Challenge Tour, 1998

European Men's challenge Trophy 2002

EGA challenge Trophy – Boys 2004

International European Mid-Amateur Championship 2005

European senior men's team challenge 2007

European Boys' Team Championship 2008

European Amateur Ladies' Team Championship 2009 

European Senior Ladies' team Championship 2013


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